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Deck and Fence

Outdoor living spaces, when designed right, can be a seamless extension of your indoor comfort. Our decks and fences are crafted meticulously, ensuring durability, safety, and style in equal measure.

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Deck and Fence

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Residential & Commercial

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Recommended Maintenance:

Installation as required, with regular inspections and treatments Annually.


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Service Benefits:

Extend your living spaces outdoors with our expertly crafted decks and fences, combining beauty, durability, and security.

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Project Single Image

Decks and fences are more than just boundaries and extensions; they represent style, function, and safety. At DM Landscape and Design, our team crafts these structures with meticulous attention to detail, ensuring they complement your property's aesthetics while providing the functionality you desire. Step out onto a deck that feels like a natural extension of your home, or enjoy the security and beauty of a fence designed with both artistry and integrity.

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