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The staple and focal point of any great landscape is a well-kept lawn. Professionally maintained lawns add vibrant color and uniformity to both residential and commercial properties. Our esteemed owner began cutting lawns at six-years-old and his passion for landscaping has only grown since then. Let our experts take care of your yard! Call us today.

Our Lawn Care Services

  • Lawn Fertilization

  • Lawn Mowing

  • Trimming and Edging

  • Lawn Aeration

  • Preventative Weed Treatments

Lawn Fertilization

We all know that water and sun are two crucial elements in maintaining a healthy green lawn, but many homeowners neglect the use of fertilizers. We create custom fertilization plans to provide lawns with the nutrients they need to thrive. Fertilizers create healthy soil and increase its ability to hold water and nutrients.

Lawn Mowing

Due to Georgia’s climate, many grass types need frequent cutting throughout the spring and summer months. We work with recurrent customers to help establish a lawn care schedule that fits the type of grass on their property and the length that they want to keep that grass at. We also take into account what the weather has been doing and the rate at which your grass is growing. Our mowing equipment is continually updated, and we mow for quality rather than speed.

Trimming and Edging

Once you have a healthy lawn, you can use our trimming and edging services to help accentuate other features of your house or landscape. We use different pieces of equipment with different attachments to make our cuts as precise as possible, providing your lawn with the icing on the cake for a great visual aesthetic. Vertical cuts are used to define walkways, patios, and flowerbeds, and horizontal cuts are used to reach places that the mowers cannot.

Lawn Aeration

When soil compacts over time, it can weaken the roots of the vegetation growing above it. It is common for lawns in Georgia to develop a thatch layer over the soil which impedes the growth of new grass. Aeration is used to extract core sections of soil to let in new water and nutrients and promote healthy new grass growth. Aeration is typically done in the spring.

Preventative Weed Treatments

Today, there are so many products on the market for weed control that selecting one out of the lawn and garden section of the hardware store has become extremely overwhelming. Our experts create custom weed control plans for every property we work with, and can identify which type of weeds need to be targeted and how they can be eliminated. Whether you are dealing with perennial weeds, grassy weeds, warm-season weeds or cool-season weeds, we want them gone just as much as you do!

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