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Kera and Devin McCollum, co-founders of DM Landscape and Design

Kera and Devin McCollum, co-founders of DM Landscape and Design, have transformed the Georgian landscaping scene with their blend of aesthetics and functionality. With a reputation for quality and innovation, they stand as pillars of excellence in the industry.

""Kera and Devin McCollum, the dynamic duo behind DM Landscape and Design, are true experts in the intricate world of landscaping and design. They have an unparalleled understanding of the best landscaping practices suited to the diverse Georgian terrain. From the first consultation, their combined experience becomes evident, as they employ innovative, cost-effective solutions tailored to each unique project. Their methodology is not just drawn from theoretical knowledge, but from years of hands-on experience."

About Kera and Devin

Kera and Devin McCollum, the visionary co-founders of DM Landscape and Design, share an unyielding passion for transforming outdoor spaces into functional works of art. Their collective journey in the landscaping domain stretches over a decade, marked by continuous learning, adaptation, and mastery. What sets them apart is not just their unmatched skill and dedication to the craft but also their deep-rooted values and belief in familial bonds.

Their decision to launch DM Landscape and Design was an amalgamation of their shared dream and the desire to create lasting legacies. Kera's attention to aesthetic detail and Devin's practical, solution-oriented approach meld perfectly, bringing every client's vision to fruition. The love and support they share as a family, alongside their professional prowess, make DM Landscape and Design a beacon of excellence, commitment, and integrity in the industry."

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